25 One-Liner Frog Jokes – Can be Used on Any Occasion


Frogs like any helpless animals have had a series of jokes informed about them. They are in all probability not the funniest jokes ever informed, but they can at times set a smile on the encounter of a frog collector. Occasionally, nonetheless the frog collector may possibly not see the humorous facet. In this article goes, have a chuckle and do not get oneself too seriously.

1. Why did the frog make so lots of errors? It jumped to the erroneous conclusions.

two. What do frogs enjoy at recess? Jumping jacks and leapfrog.

3. Why did the frog read through Sherlock Holmes? He favored a excellent croak and dagger.

four. Who is smarter, a chicken or a frog? A frog of training course

How do you know? Very well, I have never listened to of Kentucky Fried Frog.

five. What is a frog’s favourite snack? Cheese and croakers.

six. Why did the motorcycle rider get a pet frog? To pick the flies out from among his tooth.

7. Why are frogs excellent at baseball? Simply because they catch a lot of fly balls.

eight. Why does a frog stand in the outfield? So he will not likely overlook a fly.

nine. What do you get if you cross a science fiction movie with a toad? Star Warts.

10. What do you phone a just one hundred year aged frog? An aged croak.

eleven. What did the frog dress up as at Halloween? A prince.

twelve. Exactly where does the frog borrow cash? From the river bank.

thirteen. Why could not the snake discuss? He had a frog in its throat.

14. Which frog has horns? A bull frog.

fifteen. What is a snake’s favourite temperature? Cool and froggy.

16. What is a toad’s favourite sweet? Lollihops.

seventeen. What is a frog’s favourite cheer? Hop hop hooray.

eighteen. What goes dot-dot-croak, dot-dot-croak? Morse toad.

19. How deep is a frog pond? Kneedeep, kneedeep

20. What do you phone a frog with no legs? It does not make any difference – he will not likely come in any case.

21. What’s green and risky? A frog with a hand grenade.

22. What’s white on the exterior and green on the inside of? A frog sandwich.

23. What does a bankrupt frog say? Baroke, baroke baroke.

24. What’s green, green, green, green? A frog rolling down the hill.

twenty five. What is the thirstiest frog in the environment? The just one who beverages Canada dry.

Frog collectors of the environment unite and love your astounding collections!


Supply by Jack Hobson

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