(to africans in diaspora)

africa in this article i appear, africa

africa of the black soul

the soul of an historic society

the society of your timid tribes.

its your voice i listen to africa

your voice of the chatting drums

your beaded drums and the royal trumpeter

the steel gong of your town crier

i have appear to see your audio dance

i have heard of your ageless minstrels

have i not heard of your swinging hips!

i have heard adequate and have appear to watch

would not you dance for me africa

africa in this article i appear africa

would you not demonstrate me to your tribes

the timid tribes of your sweeted tongues

the assorted tongues of your virtuous adult men

africa, black soul africa

convey to me about your gods

your gods of the sky and of the mother earth

your gods of the hills and of the rivers abound

demonstrate me to your kings africa

your kings of the historic dynasty

the historic dynamy of rusted spear and shield

africa, in this article i appear africa


heavenly guest

heralding thunderously

in its individual wake

pelting on adult men

as well, the gods

accumulating itself

fall by fall.

as rivulets you movement

passing on slopes abound


it&#39s rhythm goes –

romancing all corners

cutting out its lonely paths

together our farmstead&#39s.

close to your gathered swimming pools

we stand

with tears of pleasure


we danced

we played

earning mounds of wetted soil


tiny you, unt us

seasonally guest

you have developed –

at length,

in breath,

we are in you

you in us


My father,

out of your seeds

emerged i,

hundreds of thousands of us swarm throughout the eggling waters

on the lookout for her, that harbors

and, i the picked out morphed into fluids

… the races of life began at conception

dear mother,

times stumbled into months

egglings, from your womb harbored me

and the fluids formed into being

enshrouded in you, physique and soul

consuming and sucking all working day extended

… this, is the earning of me


distanced we sat, barred from

spoken words

masked, our life became one

volume of thoughts race

our troubled minds


morphed into sorts

movement among us

… unspoken,

we experienced reported volumes

both by mouth nor scribbles

of our dried fountains

we have rocked minds

and shared unchained thoughts

… who can seal or hold in captive

a troubled mind


tensed we viewed

as our fathers before us, has finished

we viewed as dawn streaks throughout the neighing sky

a further working day has appear

with it, hope that lingers

we viewed as the crops, whither

as the herds stifle by the river beds

we saw the cracks all close to us

and, the sunlight

scorched harshly upon us

we viewed as the skies refuse

to drop its tears and to succor our parching storm

the area has damaged, in piece!


to welcome our weakening bones


i value




the habitats named male

i worship




God, that produced male

i&#39m dissatisfied




in the really nature of male

poems by Chime, Hilary Uchenna


Source by Chime Hilary

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