Bare Copper – Is There a Reason For Copper Wire Without Insulation?


There are distinctive factors for all kinds of wire and cable like bare copper. Sometimes wire has insulation and sometimes it isn’t going to for specific factors. Engineers perform tricky to deliver a style of wire for each and every application out there with approvals to go with it.

Bare copper is also known as a floor wire. It is not insulated at all so it has no security. It is typically used in residences as a floor wire and has the most effective conductivity devoid of insulation. So as lengthy as it is just not likely outside then electrical contractors really don’t brain applying it.

Bare copper is also the base for most kinds of wire and cable. It arrives reliable or in scaled-down awg measurements wrapped alongside one another to equal the similar gauge. Working with the scaled-down awg measurements provides the wire far more flexibility to bend close to corners. You might assume that you would generally want the most adaptable because it could only be better but which is not generally the scenario. Sometimes electrical contractors want it to be far more stiff so they can ship it a lengthy way by means of conduit.

A environmentally friendly THHN wire is also known as a floor wire when the wire desires to be outside. Green phone calls out the truth the THHN is a floor wire and the rationale for the insulation is so it has security from dampness. It can then go outside and in conduit while it nonetheless acts as a floor wire. The rationale for applying it indoors devoid of insulation is simply because it is cheaper. Sometimes you might see this wire with a yellow stripe as well.

There is just not generally a floor wire in each and every cable. If you want one then I advise talking to your cable sales man or woman and earning absolutely sure they know that as well. Most companies that source wire also source the bare copper so you should not have a trouble having it if you want it. You can ordinarily request a specification sheet to make absolutely sure you are having the specific cable you are hunting for.


Resource by Chris G Bell

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