Benefits of Debilitated Planets in Astrology


What are debilitated planets?

The planets are in the state of weak point if occupying a specific indicator and fail to advertise/safeguard the attributes and specs ruled by them. In the state of debilitation, the planets are not capable of producing benefits anticipated to them. For e.g. Moon is debilitated in the indicator Scorpio, restrict the attribute of Moon and the property ruled by the Moon.

The false impression is that the debilitated planets constantly give the benefits of miseries, delays, denial and losses. But the truth of the matter is that in some exclusive situations the debilitated planets give the most desirable benefits as compared to other planets.

When the debilitated planets are advantageous:

Neech-bhang raj yoga:

  • If the lord of debilitated indicator is in its own /exaltation indicator, and placed in quadrant/trine to ascendant/Moon indicator, brings about Neech-bhang raj yoga.
  • In this case the debilitated attributes of the planet will get cancelled and turn out to be raj yoga. The native will be in a position to appreciate all good matters in his life as for every quality of this sort of debilitated planet.
  • For e.g. if in a horoscope the Moon is in Scorpio, in the indicator of its debilitation, but The Mars as the lord of Scorpio is in the signs Aries/Scorpio/Capricorn and placed in quadrant/trine from ascendant/Moon, cancelled the negativity of debilitation of Moon, and provides very favourable and good benefits of the Moon.

Vipareet raj yoga:

  • Lord of 6th/8th/12th properties are posited in 6th/8th/12th properties, make Vipareet raj yoga. This tends to make substantial course raj yoga, and can in a position to providing good and favourable benefits.
  • Any debilitated planet as the lord of inauspicious property like 6th/8th/12th is placed all over again in an inauspicious property like 6th/8th/12th provides benefice benefits.
  • Due to this yoga a man or woman will have prolonged life, audio well being, rich, prosperous and influencing individuality.
  • For e.g. in Virgo Ascendant, if Saturn as the lord of 5th and 6th property is being posited in 8th property in its indicator of debilitation [Aries], then the Saturn may possibly lead to complications with progeny, schooling, and speculations, but it provides favourable and good outcome and relief with regards to conditions, enemies, maternal uncles, debts, employees, litigation, disputes etc.
  • If the lord of 8th is placed in 12th property the man or woman conditions will be wrecked, and he may have exceptional produced psychic powers.

Parivartan yoga:

  • Trade of signs in between two planets brings about Parivartan yoga.
  • This yoga suggests rapid rise in life and the adversities of theses planets/properties convert into rewards primarily in the changeover period/sub durations of these two planets.
  • For e.g. in a horoscope nevertheless Moon [in indicator Scorpio] and Mars [in indicator Most cancers] are in their debilitated signs, provides good benefits because of their inter exchange yoga.

Other folks

  • In a horoscope the debilitation is relived by good and benefice element/transits.
  • The placement of planets in the indicator of its debilitation is only indicator of the toughness of the planet.
  • A debilitated planet can generate wonderful yoga in a horoscope, if it is a purely natural functional good planet. For e.g. Venus placed in 8th property in the Virgo indicator can provides enormous prosperity and lavish life to the native, apart from being in the indicator of debilitation and sitting down in an inauspicious property.
  • The favourable or unfavourable benefits made by a debilitated planet generally absence the toughness and importance which is needed to create significant benefits, so they are termed debilitated or WEAK. It ought to in no way be mistaken for the functional character of the planet. Even a debilitated planet can give outstanding benefits if it is a functional benefice and good in character and on other aspect, an exalted, malefic and damaging planet can do 4 times more injury than a regular planet.
  • Major planets like Jupiter and Saturn continues to be in a indicator for a for a longer time time, as review to other planets. Like Saturn continues to be in the indicator Aries for practically two and the 50 percent many years. So we are unable to judge the destiny of all natives born in these two and 50 percent many years all above the globe, as damaging and negative, due to the debilitation of the Saturn above this period.


Source by Geeta Jha

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