Car Types, Transmission and Safety


Car types

Cars can be grouped in distinctive means for a physique sort. Below is a classification:


The most frequent sort of vehicle. Then there is a specific design with two or 4 doors the place the trunk is separated from the passenger compartment and a individual trunk.

Illustration: Toyota Corolla, Seat Cordoba

Combi vehicle

A vehicle with prolonged roofline and extra cargo room than a sedan, cargo area is obtainable by way of a significant doorway in the rear of the vehicle. Car makers normally have their own names on their hatchback versions.

Illustration: Volvo V70 ,, Renault Grand Scenic, Kia

Multi-objective / MPV (Multi Intent Motor vehicle)

A sort of vehicle, bus normally similar, with extra passenger room than a sedan. Flexi vehicle is bigger and normally have detachable seats and can consequently be tailored to the need to have for transportation.

Illustration: 2008 Chrysler Grand Voyager, Ford Galaxy, Hyundai Matrix,

Athletics vehicle / coupe

A two-doorway vehicle that is reduce than a sedan, and from time to time only two seats. The roof slopes are generally extra at the rear and can be detachable or retractable.

Illustration :, Peugeot 307 CC, Opel Astra Twin Top, Mercedes CLK-Course

SUV / SUV (Athletics Utility Motor vehicle)

Something between a hatchback and the actual terrain, generally equipped with 4-wheel drive and better floor clearance than a normal hatchback. Car sort is also from time to time identified as the “SUVs”.

Illustration: Nissan X-Path, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota RAV4, Volvo XC90


The two principal types of gearbox in the vehicle is manual and automatic. Lots of cars and trucks are now automatic transmission. An advantage of the automatic transmission is smooth and steady driving, which is hassle-free in metropolis driving. It can also be perceived as safer because it makes it possible for the driver to be in excess of centered on driving and the encompassing website traffic.

A downside is that the more mature automatic cars and trucks normally pull 50-10 p.c extra gas than cars and trucks with manual transmission. Lots of new automatic cars and trucks, on the other hand, drag in several scenarios the exact same and in some scenarios significantly less gas than similar cars and trucks with manual transmission. One more downside is that most automatic cars and trucks can be towed up and running.

Cars and Safety

Most cruel to your basic safety that motorist is driving calmly and observe the pace restrict no matter what auto you have.

A crash at sixty km / h correspondents to a drop from fourth flooring of a home, and a crash at eighty km / h falling from the eighth flooring. The human physique can take a lot of hurt to auto mishaps. Even at low speeds, the threat of serious harm significant. Of susceptible highway buyers who are strike at thirty km / h threat a person in 10 of remaining killed. At 50 km / h eight in 10 at threat of remaining killed.

If all highway buyers to regard the pace restrict, close to 125 life saved every single calendar year.

The true choice of auto was previously amongst a smaller, extra environmentally welcoming cars and trucks and extra and extra highway. Right now, the protection of several tiny cars and trucks rivaling the bigger versions.

The possibility of surviving a crash are a great deal greater in a vehicle from the 2000s when compared with the a person from the early 1980s. Technology advancements in the sort of which include airbags, and digital balance regulate devices have created all the cars and trucks safer – but is however not in all cars and trucks.


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