Checking Your Transmission Fluid


Checking your transmission fluid degree can help save you charges repairs to your transmission. Most vehicles must have their transmission fluid levels checked with the motor warm.

Transmission fluid must be checked at the transmission fluid dipstick. If you can not locate this dipstick, check with your proprietor&#39s manual. Withdraw the dipstick, wipe it clean up with a lint cost-free rag, re-insert it and study the fluid degree. It must be inside the range specified on the stick and the color must be red, not brown. If the fluid is brown, look at your proprietor&#39s manual for the appropriate treatment as you may well need to swap the fluid. Some vehicles involve the fluid be changed each 30,000 to fifty,000 miles, some others never.

If the fluid is just very low, then it is time to insert much more fluid. Make confident that you use the appropriate fluid for your car, as using the completely wrong variety of fluid can destroy your transmission. Also be very careful when managing transmission fluid, as it is extremely poisonous. Consult with the fluid container for poison manage suggestions.

To insert transmission fluid to your car, use the transmission fluid fill tube. If you can not locate the transmission fluid fill tube, check with your proprietor&#39s manual. Insert a quite smaller total at a time in purchase to permit the fluid to percolate down into the car, and then recheck the fluid degree. Just take treatment not to overfill the transmission as this can cause destruction. When the fluid degree is appropriate once more, keep any leftover transmission fluid in a secure spot and delight in your automobile.


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