Comparing HIV 1 and HIV 2


The HIV virus is of two types, HIV1 and HIV2. When around the globe, folks generally discuss of HIV they refer to HIV1. The rather unusual HIV2 is concentrated in West Africa and is hardly ever identified everywhere else. Even though there is slight change there is no heal for the HIV1 and HIV 2 and AIDS.

If we discuss of similarities they are as follows-

o Both the viruses are transmitted in a very similar fashion.

o They are transmitted by sexual contact, by means of system fluids such as blood, tears and vaginal fluids.

o It is also transmitted by means of breast milk from a mother to the baby.

o Within three to 6 months the two HIV-one and HIV-2 trigger the system to deliver antibodies.

o Both HIV1 and HIV2 can develop into AIDS.

When we discuss about Differences they are as follows-

o The people who are infected with HIV2 develop immunodeficiency or a weak immune system additional slowly and it is also milder.

o People who are infected with HIV2 virus are considerably less infectious in the early levels than all those infected with HIV1.

o It has been explained that HIV-2 is considerably less easily transmitted.

o The period of time concerning the original an infection and ailment is longer in scenario of HIV-2

o As the virus progresses the an infection of HIV2 will increase.

o Compared to HIV-one primarily it is the HIV-2 that appears to be additional infectious later on in the class of the disease.

o Mostly the cases of HIV-2 are claimed in West Africa whereas the cases of HIV-one are identified around the globe.

Subtypes of HIV-one

The HIV-one is labeled into three groups. The “major” group that is M, the group M yet again has subtypes A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J and K, the “outlier” group O and the third is the “new” group N. It has been identified out that additional than ninety% of the folks with HIV-one an infection belong to the group M. Group N is really unusual and group O is limited to west-central Africa.

The remedy of HIV-one and HIV-2

HIV-2 is additional challenging to keep an eye on than HIV-one and the scientific tests are still not clear towards the best remedy of HIV-2. There are some medicine that are made use of for remedy of HIV-one but are not productive towards HIV-2. Both of those the virus guide to the threatening disease AIDS.

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