Critical Thinking: Does The "MeToo" Movement Show How ‘Privileged’ Women Are?


Soon soon after the allegations have been made about Harvey Weinstein, the “#MeToo” hashatag went viral on social media. This gave individuals the prospect to communicate out about the sexual assault and harassment that they experienced knowledgeable in the workplace.

In The Commencing

It has been said that the original objective of this hashatag was, “to empower girls by way of empathy, especially the ordeals of young and vulnerable brown or black girls”, and the human being guiding this was, Tarana Burke. After this, Alyssa Milano made available her help for this phrase, with her encouraging individuals to use it if they experienced knowledgeable sexual harassment and assault.

This was also seen as a way to obtain out how widespread this is in present day world. Even so, as extra and extra individuals from all above the world started to use this phrase, its that means progressively modified.

A Watershed Minute

But with that apart, what is clear is that this hashtag has specified so lots of individuals a voice, a vice that they plainly haven’t experienced right before. And when someone’s being has been violated by one more human being, this is accurately what they require.

Their perception of security and safety will have been shattered, and it is then going to be crucial for them to be listened to. This can then let them to come to feel acknowledged and validated, and something can then be carried out about what has taken place.

Two Parts

To begin with, there can be what will require to acquire place in regards to the human being or individuals who brought about them damage, and, next, there can be the sort of mental and emotional help that an individual will require. For case in point, if an individual has been raped, they may possibly require treatment.

And it may possibly not issue if this took place a selection of yrs in the past, as their thoughts and human body could continue to be in a traumatised point out. If this is the situation, it could be problem for them to take care of their day-to-day lifestyle.

Achieving Out

Only positing a hashtag on social media is not always going to do significantly, and there is also the prospect that they come to feel even extra vulnerable by way of telling some others about what transpired to them. It will then be crucial for them to obtain a therapist or a healer to function with, an individual who understands what they have been by way of and who can information them by way of this process.

What they have been by way of will have experienced a big influence on them and carrying on as right before is not going to be an solution. They didn’t are worthy of to be treated in this way and they don’t are worthy of to experience, both.

A Tainted Motion

The trouble is that as the that means of this hashtag has modified, it has intended that it is being made use of willy nilly. So, alternatively of an individual being raped as an adult or sexually abused as a youngster, for instance, as an adult they may possibly have experienced their leg touched or experienced sex that was not pretty satisfying.

What this then 1 does is trivialises the occasions when an individual has truly suffered. When something like this takes place, the human being who takes advantage of this hashtag plainly has a distinctive motive to an individual who has truly suffered.

It has been Hijacked

If an individual has experienced their leg touched or their shoulder touched, is this really the exact as being raped or sexually abused as a youngster? Or acquiring sex and then regretting it the day soon after?

This is something that a selection of feminists are firmly guiding, with this being one more way for them to command and demonise all guys. These are the girls who like to talk about how ‘privileged’ all guys are, while absolutely overlooking their very own ‘privilege’


In their eyes, all guys are terrible and/or rapists and girls are oppressed victims, who have unquestionably no agency. Based mostly on this, guys are older people but girls are dependent young children who require guarding.

What this then does is end girls from being liable for their very own lifestyle and, if this is the situation, then guys are to blame. Ladies are then like angels who are incapable of undertaking anything erroneous.

The Dying of Owing System

For that reason, if a person is accused of harassment or sexual misconduct, he will be responsible right up until demonstrated harmless. The point that a female has said that this is what has transpired will be the only issue that matters.

With 1 accusation, irrespective of regardless of whether it is true or not, a man’s popularity and livelihood can be absolutely ruined. Would this occur if guys experienced all the energy, or if we lived in a ‘patriarchy’ and girls have been ‘oppressed’?

A single Massive Illusion

A single way of wanting at this would be to say that the rationale why these feminists have spent so significantly time feeding into the narrative that guys are ‘privilege’, is to cover their very own privilege. Then have then accused the reverse gender of what which they are – they are both not knowledgeable of this or they are extremely cunning.

They are not intrigued in specifics they are only intrigued in pushing their very own agenda. The only details and ordeals that they are intrigued in is what backs up what they believe that.

Again To Truth

Men are not infallible and, believe that it or not, girls are the exact not almost everything that will come out of their mouth is the reality. In the exact way that guys can be attention seekers, girls can also be the exact.

Having this into account, it is clear that it is not a fantastic concept to believe that that a person will have to be responsible if a female has accused him of undertaking something erroneous. And if this is tricky for an individual to accept, they only require to imagine about how nuts it would be to believe that almost everything that arrived out of a man’s mouth.


It is uncomplicated to assault guys in present day world and to tar them all with the exact brush, nonetheless all this does is divide guys and girls. Probably the feminists who are guiding this have a large amount of conflict within just them, wanting to make the world in their very own image.

They are then not going to be absolutely happy right up until all guys and girls are as depressing as they are. The good news is, a truly empowered female – a female who will not perceive herself as a victim – is not going to be intrigued in any of this


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