Difference Between the Liposuction and Liposelection Process


That is unfortunate offered the several positive aspects of LipoSelection. Given that 1 of the questions we frequently get is “what is the big difference concerning liposuction and LipoSelection?” we thought we would acquire this prospect to clarify.

Liposuction and LipoSelection: What is actually the big difference?

Initial, there genuinely is not a distinct big difference concerning liposuction and LipoSelection, for each se. Simply just place, LipoSelection is a kind of liposuction. Liposuction refers to any procedure in which an instrument is placed beneath the pores and skin to take away fat cells beneath vacuum. This is uncomplicated to comprehend since the essential facts is correct in the title: lipo- refers to fat and -suction is, very well, self-obvious. Liposuction can be performed in a number of different ways, with or without the need of fluid infusion (tumescent system), for example. Over the a long time, plastic surgeons have figured out which methods provide the finest final results for person people. The culmination of a long time of study and refinement in the industry of liposuction is a system and machine known as LipoSelection.

As the title implies, LipoSelection is a sort of liposuction that lets plastic surgeons to exactly choose and take away unwanted fat. Alternatively of only relying on the electric power of the vacuum to in essence rip out clumps of fat cells, the LipoSelection equipment includes a miniaturized (but highly effective) ultrasound machine. Ultrasonic electrical power is used to crack aside fat cells and liquefy the fat so that it can be a lot more easily removed beneath vacuum. This is the key big difference concerning LipoSelection and standard liposuction.

How does LipoSelection work?

In several ways, LipoSelection will work like standard tumescent liposuction. The plastic surgeon infuses the remedy location with saline to assistance elevate and different the several tissue planes. That simply just implies there is additional room for the ultrasound and liposuction probes to transfer and operate. The infused saline also aids defend surrounding tissue (e.g. muscles, fascia) from becoming broken all through the future move: ultrasound disruption. The smaller probe delivers ultrasonic vibration to crack open fat cells leading to them to leak their contents. The liquefied fat and cellular debris is then removed from the body. This essential liquefying move aids to ensure that the taken care of location is not still left with clumps of fat, which could go away noticeable bumps, ridges, or depressions in the pores and skin.

Are LipoSelection and VASER different?

In a phrase: no. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Power at Resonance. This labored acronym in essence describes the technological know-how that LipoSelection utilizes. In VASER, ultrasound electrical power disrupts fat prior to removal beneath suction. In essence, LipoSelection is a sort of VASER liposuction.

What matters are the final results of Liposelection

When patient’s talk to “what is the big difference concerning liposuction and LipoSelection?” they genuinely want to know if Liposelection is far better than standard liposuction (it genuinely is!). LipoSelection is an exceptional system for taking away significant volumes of unwanted fat, say from the stomach or the thighs (even though it can be used in most body regions). Even so, the most essential benefit is that LipoSelection can supply a far better total shape and smoother pores and skin than standard liposuction.


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