Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre Wax Cleanser


Dodo Juice Lime Key is a pre-wax cleanser that is formulated to clean up, polish and prepare the paintwork completely ready for the software of a wax or sealant. It consists of micro abrasives that enable to remove oxidation and mild swirl marks, cleaning agents that lift off any ingrained filth and organic oils to leave the surface sleek and shiny.

To match its name, Dodo Juice Lime Key is mild eco-friendly in colour, smells distinctively of lime which is pretty nice and as opposed to other polish products is pretty watery in its composition. Thanks to this watery make up and because of the organic oils it consists of, a little of the product or service goes a prolonged way and so it really should last you a actually fantastic sum of time.

A wonderful function of Dodo Juice Lime Key is that it does not dry out. Whilst is it staying labored it remains damp and will only dry to a mild haze after it is still left. It can conveniently be buffed off either damp of dry, leaving no streaks or residue at the rear of and producing little to no dust.

As it is a pre wax cleanser Dodo Juice Lime Key provides no security as opposed to some other all in just one polish products and so really should only actually be used when a comprehensive prep, polish & security method is heading to be undertaken.

If used in conjunction with with a equipment polisher Dodo Juice Lime Key can produce some significantly beautiful final results, conveniently removing swirl marks and reducing, or even eliminating mild scratches and because it consists of no fillers you know the finish you are receiving is genuine, as opposed to all in just one polish products that will to a particular extent mask the flaws.

Dodo juice Lime Key actually is a excellent product or service, it is a joy to use – temperature staying used via hand or equipment, it goes a actually prolonged way and creates beautiful final results than can generally be on par with these of specified chopping polishes. If you are wanting for a product or service to truly restore your paintwork prior to preserving, without the use of fillers and that is pretty simple and simple to use, then you can not go wrong with Dodo Juice Lime Key.


Resource by Joe Mcdonald

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