Draeger Gas Detector Tube Technical Information


There are certain guidelines and guidelines to be adopted to ensure suitable use and proper effects when employing Draeger Gasoline Detector Tubes, which include the tubes discovered in the Simultaneous Examination Sets offered with the Draeger CDS Package.

Draeger Gasoline Detector Tube Storage

To promise the precision of the tube sign in the course of the shelf lifetime, Draeger-Tubes really should be stored in the initial bundle at space temperature (about 20 C). A observe on the bundle implies a greatest storage temperature of twenty five C (i.e. 77 F). Stay away from excessively low (fewer than 35 F) or bigger (larger than 77 F) temperatures in the course of storage and do not subject matter the tubes to light-weight for prolonged periods.

Draeger Gasoline Detector Tube Use in Cold Temperatures

Because some of the reagents can freeze underneath C it is nearly unattainable to give correction aspects for the use of detector tubes in chilly temperature. Even so, there is a very simple reply to the difficulty, specifically to ensure that the temperature in the tube stays in the working selection (see working guidelines) in the course of the measurement. The least difficult way to do this is to continue to keep the tube heat by holding it closely in the hand. This approach is beneficial down to -20 C (i.e. -4 F). Sports mittens with a slit in the palm function effectively at the lower temperatures.

Draeger Gasoline Detector Tube Disposal

Do not dispose of utilized or expired Draeger-Tubes in domestic squander. Draeger-Tubes should be disposed of appropriately, given that the reagent system of the tube has substances, even nevertheless the substances are current in exceptionally little amounts.

The storage or disposal of substances should be executed in accordance to area, state and federal rules. Draeger Safety can supply the tube consumer a letter with common reviews on disposal prerequisites as effectively as an attachment listing the pre-use contents of each and every of fifteen outlined teams of tubes (based mostly on chemical reactants).

The U.S. Environmental Security Agency maintains a toll-free of charge telephone service known as the RCRA Hotline, which presents assistance on regulatory issues. The quantity for the RCRA Hotline is 800-424-9346.

Draeger Supplemental Small Expression Detector Tubes

The tubes in the Simultaneous Examination Sets of the CDS Package are characterised as “semi-quantitative”, delivering rough estimations on the concentrations of eight chemical brokers. Draeger has almost 200 brief-term tube selections capable of detecting over 1,000 unique substances.

There is area in the CDS Package for 6 more packing containers of particular person detector tubes, which are also utilized with the accuro sampling pump offered. Selection of these tubes is an particular person choice and is motivated by what substances could possibly be expected to be current in a certain space. For case in point, if there is a close by industrial facility that has certain substances in use for their processes, tubes for individuals unique substances would be a very likely choice.

There are certain popular chemical or chemical family members for which particular person tubes most frequently may be selectively added to the CDS Package. An overview of some of these, and related tubes to react, is introduced here. A lot more thorough facts is always accessible from Draeger Safety or our Authorized Distributors.


Ammonia is the third major quantity chemical generated in the United States and is utilized in a huge range of purposes. Draeger manufactures five unique brief-term ammonia tubes in a position to detect from .twenty five to 100,000 ppm. The tube with the most utility in the TLV and IDLH ranges is the Ammonia five/a (P/N CH20501), which can evaluate between five-seven-hundred ppm. The tube can also detect other primary gases this kind of as organic amines.


Chlorine is the 9th optimum quantity chemical generated in the United States, however most generally utilized in drinking water purification. Draeger manufactures 3 unique brief-term tubes in a position to detect from .02 to five hundred ppm. The advisable tube would be the Chlorine .two/a (P/N CH24301) capable of measuring between .02-thirty ppm. This tube is also capable of estimating ranges of chlorine dioxide if current. Additionally, it has sensitivity to bromine and nitrogen dioxide.

Carbon Monoxide

May well be current in poisonous concentrations at the website of a hearth. Draeger presents five unique brief-term tubes for the detection of CO, which include the Carbon Monoxide ten/b (P/N CH20601). This tube is capable of measuring from ten to 3000 ppm CO. As the tube has sensitivity to a quantity of hydrocarbons a carbon pre-tube can be offered to clear away interfering substances.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Draeger presents ten unique tubes for the measurement of hydrogen sulfide, which is remarkably flammable and poisonous by inhalation. TLV is ten ppm in air. The Hydrogen Sulfide five/b tube (P/N CH29801) has a detection selection of five-600 ppm.

Petroleum Hydrocarbons

The Draeger Petroleum Hydrocarbons ten/a tube (P/N 8101691) has unique sensitivities to hexane, heptane, octane and other hydrocarbons. The common calibration is for n-octane at ten to 300 ppm. This tube is therefore capable of common measurement of a quantity of popular substances this kind of as gasoline, kerosene/aviation gas, diesel gas and many solvents/spirits.

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Various chlorinated hydrocarbons however have a quantity of purposes which include dry cleaning (perchloroethylene), solvents (trichloroethane), degreasing (trichloroethylene) and adhesive creation (vinyl chloride). Draeger manufactures tubes for all these unique compounds. The two most generally utilized in HazMat Response have been the Perchloroethylene two/a (P/N 8101501), selection of two-300 ppm, and the Trichloroethylene ten/a (P/N CH24401), which can evaluate fifty-2000 ppm of TCE.

BTEX Compounds

The aromatic compounds benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene have a huge presence in the chemical/petrochemical markets in a broad range of works by using. The tube with the most utility in quantifying all BTEX compounds besides benzene is the Toluene five/b tube (P/N 8101661). Of the five unique tubes provided for benzene measurement (collective selection of .five to 420 ppm), the most benzene unique is the Benzene .five/c (P/N 8101841), which can evaluate from .five to 200 ppm.

Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric acid is the twenty fifth optimum quantity chemical generated in the United States and generally is utilized in meals processing, steel pickling, metal cleaning and many acidizing purposes. Measurement of the gaseous hydrogen chloride portion is done with possibly of two hydrochloric acid tubes. The lower selection Hydrochloric Acid 1/a (P/N CH29501) addresses the selection of .1 to 100 ppm.

Other chemical unique tubes that are accessible to complement the semi-quantitative tubes discovered in the Civil Protection Simultest Package and assistance pinpoint ranges of possible poisonous substances incorporate the next:

TUBE Element # Array

  • Nitrous Fumes two/a (NO + NO2) CH31001 two-150 ppm
  • Nitrogen Dioxide two/c 6719101 two-100 ppm
  • Nitric Acid 1/a 6728311 1-fifty ppm
  • Hydrocyanic Acid two/a CH25701 two-150 ppm
  • Sulfur Dioxide .five/a CH31701 .five-twenty five ppm
  • Carbon Dioxide .1%/a CH23501 one thousand-60,000 ppm
  • Phosgene .twenty five/c CH28301 .twenty five-twenty five ppm
  • Acetone 100/b (Ketones) CH22901 100-12,000 ppm
  • Alcoholic beverages twenty five/a 8101631 twenty five-5000 ppm
  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons 100/a 6730201 100-two,five hundred (n-Octane)

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