How to Replace a Water Filter Cartridge


How to replace a drinking water filter cartridge on your home drinking water filtering system. This posting handles how to change each filters on a Aquasana AQ4000 filter system.

Some of this facts may possibly be practical with any manufacturer of filter system. Unpack the alternative filter package and look at the contents. You need to have two alternative drinking water filter cartridges, A and a B. Two alternative O-rings. If the O-rings are not flat lay them out and see if they will flatten out on their personal this may possibly consider above evening. If this does not function, set a guide on them above evening. The purpose is if the O-rings are certain from delivery tends to make then tougher to make a fantastic seal.

The 1st stage is to lay your home drinking water filtering system on its aspect. You can see on the filter caps are labeled A and B. Also arrows that indicate which way to convert to loosen each and every cap. Transform filter cap A to the proper to unscrew or the path the arrow details. Filter cap B need to unscrew to the still left or the path of the arrow. They need to only be hand limited. If they are also limited to take out by hand use the handles of a pliers to give you a small added leakage. Be cautious not to do any problems to the inlet or outlet drinking water strains.

H2o filter cartridge A will be the most difficult to take out. The seal on the top of the filter retains the cartridge in spot. There is not plenty of area in the filter housing to get a keep of it. I discover it effortless to use a pair of pliers to get a keep of the filter and twist and pull to it out. H2o filter cartridge B will be connected to the filter cap. Only twist and pull the two aside. I lay the filters at each and every aspect of the filter housing. This helps to maintain observe of which filter is A and B. Clear away each o-rings make confident the grove wherever they sit in is clean up. Now install the two new O-rings. Set a smaller total of food items grade silicone dependent lubricant on the uncovered region of ​​each O- ring. This helps when putting in the filter caps. The oil lets the caps slide effortless on the rubber, which will make them seal easier. Installing them dry may possibly allow them kink and dislodge consequence in a leak.

Substitution drinking water filter cartridge A is the white a single. Install it in the A cartridge housing with the O-ring end in 1st. Putting some drinking water on the rubber seal tends to make it slide in easier. Give it a drive and convert right until it is sorted. The B alternative cartridge is the blue a single. Install the O-ring end into the filter cap. In the very same fashion as the other filter. At this issue, I look at the O-ring to make confident they are nonetheless in spot. Then go ahead and install the B filter into the B housing. Screw the B cap right until it is firmly seated. Now look at the other seal and install the A cap right until it is firmly separated.

Keep the filter system on its aspect, convert on the drinking water and activate the diverter valve. Look at all around the cap threads for any indicators of drinking water. If there is a small leak, consider tightening the cap a small a lot more. If this does not seal the leak, then open up up that cap and look at the O-ring it may possibly have occur out of its seat. Look at to make confident it is not slash or damaged. If it is, the old O-ring might reseal. The other possibility is consider a single of the old seals to your neighborhood hardware store and match it up. The other stage if none of these tips function is to get a alternative seal. Now you can be reinstalled the cap as described higher than and look at for any leaks.

If you do not see, any leaks established the AQ-4000 up proper and depart the drinking water run for about two-3 minutes right until the drinking water operates clear. The drinking water at 1st may possibly occur out cloudy or even have a black coloration, this is normal. Carbon dust is being cleaned out of the new filter cartridges. I help you save the drinking water that utilised to flush out the filter system. Houseplants like the drinking water, or set it on vegetation out aspect. To maintain observe of when it will be time to reinstall your following established of drinking water filters. Create the following alternative date on a piece of tape and set it on the filter. This helps to maintain observe of time. They need to be replaced every six months or 500 gallons on your home drinking water filtering system.


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