How to Tell the Difference Between a Sprained Foot and a Broken Foot


When you sustain an damage to the foot, it may possibly to begin with be hard to discern involving a sprain and fracture. A sprain involves injury to the ligaments of the foot, whereas a fracture is a crack in any 1 or much more of the 26 bones in the foot.

Due to the fact a diverse cure protocol is applied for a sprain or a fracture, it is significant to know the variance. A failure to find professional medical intervention when required may possibly end result in extended-expression problems with the foot and minimal practical skills, in particular in athletics, wherever the normal structures are positioned underneath stress in the training course of actions.

The Subsequent Indications Will Aid You to Discern Between a Sprained Foot and a Broken Foot:

  • Did you hear a sound when the damage happened? A sound of “cracking” may possibly point out a fracture whereas a “popping” or “tearing” sound may possibly sign a sprain.
  • Could you get excess weight on the foot adhering to the damage. If you experienced excruciating discomfort in the hurt location when you attempted to set your excess weight on it later on, it may possibly be a sign of a fracture.
  • Swelling adhering to an ankle sprain is not strange, but inflammation with affiliated distortion of the normal condition of the foot may possibly indicate you fractured a bone in your foot
  • Numbness in the impacted location may possibly also point out a fracture
  • Is it achievable to shift the joints in your foot with out as well much discomfort? Can you wiggle your toes? If no motion is achievable a fracture may possibly be existing
  • Is there a specific location that is extremely delicate to touch and severely distressing? This may possibly point out a fracture

Checks Finished to Confirm Fractures:

Usual x-rays are taken to diagnose a fracture or exclude it. On the other hand, x-rays may possibly miss out on the fracture underneath particular instances. Based on wherever the fracture is, particular x-rays may possibly exhibit up normal even although other techniques of evaluation and the symptoms strongly recommend a fracture

Due to the fact fractures may possibly from time to time not exhibit up on x-rays, a bone scan can offer a much more exact diagnosis

As soon as a fracture is confirmed a CT scan or MRI can be done to determine the extent of the injury. Whilst x-rays do not exhibit injury done to tendons, ligaments and cartilage these scans can give a clear image of the problem of the comfortable tissue structures these types of as ligaments and tendons.

If a fracture was identified, medical procedures and or immobilization may possibly be the next action in addressing the damage. If a fracture is excluded and a sprain identified, the information under will be valuable.

Therapeutic process for sprains start quickly adhering to the damage and goes by several phases:

Swelling: As an original reaction to tissue damage, there is blood and tissue fluid in the hurt location. Any superficial bleeding will be noticed as a bruise. Someday later, the bruise may possibly be noticed in an location reduced than the hurt location. This is thanks to the impact of gravity. The developing up of tissue fluid may possibly end result in inflammation. Fix is begun at the web page of damage and the inflammatory response is the acute reaction stage. It may possibly final up to seventy two hrs from the time of damage. Redness, heat, inflammation, discomfort and decline of normal purpose of the location are the original signs and symptoms. Making use of the principle of rest, ice, compression, elevation and referral as quickly as achievable right after sustaining the damage is vital to reducing the restoration time.

Fix: Above the next period of time, which may possibly final up to six weeks, particular procedures take place within the damaged tissue wherever an original hematoma that was shaped during the inflammatory stage is now changed with fibrous tissue. This new fibrous tissue or “scar” tissue is not as organized and neatly laid down as the authentic tissue right before injury. A process of re-business is begun so that the stage of repair service moves on the the reworking stage. At this position in the restoration process cure by a physical therapist is important. The therapist will utilize massage, stretching, exercise, mobilization tactics and electrical modalities to speed up healing.

Reworking: In the course of this stage the disorganized scar tissue is transformed into a much more structured tissue that is laid down in parallel arrangement. This stage is successful when the new tissue is robust and will allow for total purpose and no threat of re-damage. Cure in this stage involves rehabilitation and proprioception. All strengthening is nevertheless done underneath supervision to reduce any injury to comfortable tissue structures

The adhering to cure ought to be begun as quickly as achievable right after the damage has been examined, a fracture excluded and a sprain identified

  • Resting the impacted location speeds up restoration time. Activity and massage done to quickly adhering to the damage may possibly aggravate bleeding and sluggish the healing process
  • Ice the hurt location, but under no circumstances apply the ice straight to the pores and skin to reduce pores and skin burn. A slim fabric can be positioned involving the ice and the pores and skin. Do not apply ice if you have circulatory problems in the extremities. Never ever apply ice in excess of open up wounds or spots with impaired sensation. For a superficial damage the ice can be utilized for fifteen minutes. If it is a deeper damage, 30 minutes of ice may possibly be utilized. The software of ice ought to numb the impacted location. You may possibly encounter sensations of cold, then a limited period of time of warming, followed by aching and discomfort and thereafter the sensation of numbness will be felt. Get ready oneself for these sensations as numbness is the purpose of the ice cure. Utilize the ice 2 hourly for when you are awake, a minimal of 4 situations per working day. Continue on with the compression and elevation involving the durations of ice cure.
  • Utilize a compression bandage in excess of the ice pack, starting off under the hurt location. There ought to be pressure when making use of the bandage but under no circumstances to the position wherever the blood circulation is impacted. You can check if the blood circulation is right by briefly pinching an location under the bandaged location with your finger and thumb. When you release the strain, the pores and skin shade ought to immediately return to normal as an indicator that the blood circulation is not impacted by the bandaging. Must there be any numbness or discoloration in the location under the bandage, re-apply with considerably less pressure.
  • Elevate the location to earlier mentioned heart amount. Obtain a position wherever you can lie down with the hurt location elevated with out placing strain on other components of your overall body like your neck or reduced again.

Referral: When in any question, see your medical professional or physical therapist for even more evaluation and management.


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