IB Physics – 7 Ways to Get a 7


IB Physics, specially at the Higher Stage, is one of the most challenging topics in the IB Diploma. Nevertheless, it is nonetheless pretty attainable to attain a 7. In fact, in accordance to the IB Statistical Report in November 2009, 31% of Common Stage Candidates and 20% of Higher Stage Candidates gained a 7. This signifies that on normal, in a class of 20 HL learners, 4 will get a 7.

So how do you get into that prime 20%?

To come across out, I’ve questioned quite a few prosperous previous IB Physics learners about their techniques, as well as IB Physics instructors, one of whom utilised to mark IB Papers. Combining this with my have activities, I’ve located 7 essential matters that prosperous learners are undertaking in terms of mastering the program and IB Revision.

1) Know Your IB Physics Syllabus

1 of the very best areas of IB Science topics is the Syllabus. The Syllabus has all the attainable ideas that could maybe be examined. I know a trainer who really writes IB Papers and he told me that just about every dilemma that is written is carefully checked in accordance to the Syllabus and if it is not pertinent, it is eliminated. This signifies that if you can do just about every stage in the Syllabus, then there is nothing that can shock you in your closing assessment. So if you nonetheless have a great deal of time in advance of your closing exams, make sure you have you syllabus upcoming to you as you revise.

two) Annotate Your IB Physics Syllabus

We can go one stage even further. What I strongly propose is printing out a duplicate of all of the pertinent sections of the Syllabus. As you master/revise, really don’t just compose down notes in your notebook, compose your notes on your printed edition of the syllabus! That way, as you master, you happen to be cross-referencing to your syllabus. When you do this, you can expect to be well knowledgeable of all the matters you’ve got coated, the matters you’ve got skipped and importantly, the matters that you happen to be not still acquainted with.

three) Maximize Your IB Physics Inside Assessment (IA) Scores

Even though the IB Physics examination may be challenging, the Inside Assessment is substantially simpler. This is due to the fact you can do them devoid of any time stress whatsoever. Also, most instructors give you a great deal of prospects to maximise your IA scores. And most importantly, scoring significant in your IAs signifies that you can score reduce in your closing examination and nonetheless get a 7. What I propose is to look at your Physics Guidebook pretty carefully and look at what is expected of you for the IAs. If there is anything at all you happen to be uncertain about, make sure you inquire your trainer about it. If you really don’t do as well as you would hoped, come across out why you missing marks. There ought to be no justification for not scoring forty+ in your IAs.

4) Make Certain You Comprehend Each individual Stage Prior to You Move On

This is critical. As your trainer explains just about every stage, make sure that you actually realize it in advance of they transfer on to the upcoming stage. Initial of all, most subsequent points will rely on an knowledge of the first number of points, so if you overlook a thought, you may get missing. Next, it will save you a large amount of time. It signifies that you won’t drop behind and need to capture up on ideas that you didn’t realize beforehand.

five) Powerful Time Administration

If you deal with your time well, you can do in one day what would ordinarily acquire one more student a few days. In fact, I consider that one of the essential distinctions involving a 7 candidate and a five candidate is their skill to use their time well. The most significant issue is to take away distractions. When you happen to be finding out from a text e book, or undertaking previous paper issues, make sure you happen to be not on Fb! And attempt to preserve matters that you are inclined to fidget with or get effortlessly distracted by out of sight. But I confess, it can generally be enjoyment to go Fb. So what I propose is to allocate times exactly where you make it possible for yourself to be distracted. Individually, I give myself ten minutes in advance of my first block of perform to look at Fb, seize some treats and many others. in advance of performing. If attainable, put yourself below some sort of time stress. Parkinson’s Legislation states that the time taken to total a activity is proportional to the time allotted to it. If you’ve got presented yourself a entire day to compose up a comprehensive realistic, likelihood are, it’s going to acquire you a day. But for individuals of you undertaking IB English A1, you can expect to notice that you can compose up 1500 term essays in ninety minutes. This is due to the fact you’ve got established a time a restrict and your mind will instantly target on finishing the activity in that time. 1 way close to this is to target on previous papers for revision and time yourself!

6) Do IB Physics Past Paper Questions

I know a new Syllabus has just been unveiled and there are not quite a few previous papers on the new Syllabus. Nevertheless, you can expect to notice that there’s nonetheless quite a large amount of overlap with the aged Syllabus, so there’s no justification for not undertaking heaps of previous papers. If you arrive throughout a dilemma that’s not in your program, just skip it. Undertaking previous paper issues, specially below timed disorders is pretty helpful. It helps for you to sink in the awareness from the idea – undertaking issues and really creating matters down helps in retention of awareness. Also, it reveals holes in your knowledge. If there are issues, or groups of issues that you are unable to do, go back to the Syllabus and see what it is that you need revising.

7) Scrutinise IB Physics Mark Schemes 1 of the good reasons why IB Physics is so tough, I’ve located, is due to the fact what is written in the text e book generally would not match what’s expected of you in your examination. In fact, when I when compared the definitions of Deep Inelastic Scattering (Particle Physics Alternative) in the Hamper Textual content Book to that in the mark plan, I located that they did not match (The text e book definition would have gotten ). Now this would be terrible, specially if the student memorised the text e book definition and ended up obtaining no marks for it in the examination. The only matters the examiners have in front of them are your paper and the mark plan.

So make sure you have a excellent knowledge of individuals mark strategies! So there you have it, the 7 essential methods that, I can warranty, will be of great aid to you in attaining that 7 in IB Physics!

Finest Wishes,

Owen Yang

Founder – IB Blueprint

Executive Tutor – Australian IB Tuition


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