Intuitive-Feeling Types (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) – The "Apollonian Temperament"


It can be intriguing learning about one’s personality sort. I’ve discovered getting a Myers-Briggs Sort Indicator (MBTI) “NF” (Intuitive-Feeling sort) and reading about it quite enlightening. But, I’m also quite wary of the ‘horoscope’ phenomenon taking place whereby pretty much every thing we examine we can psychologically determine with.

The four essential MBTI generic styles are represented by the legendary Greek gods: Apollo, Dionysus, Prometheus, and his brother Epimetheus.[1]> It’s usually acknowledged that Apollo (NF) represents spirit Dionysus (SP, Sensing-Perceiving) represents joy or release Prometheus (NT, Intuitive-Pondering) represents science and Epimetheus (SJ, Sensing-Judging) represents duty (or diligence). Apollo (spirit) opposes Prometheus (science) and Dionysus (joy) opposes Epimetheus (duty).

NF’s make up roughly twelve % of the inhabitants. If you are the sort of particular person who’s neverendingly exploring the self, possibilities are you determine strongly with the Apollonian (NF) temperament. This particular person has the intention of turning out to be

A lot more aptly place, this is an excerpt from Be sure to Comprehend Me on the Apollonian temperament:

“How can a single reach a intention when that intention is to have a intention? The NF’s “truest” self is the self in look for of alone, or in other words, his intent in life is to have a intent in life. Always turning out to be himself the NF can in no way truly be himself.”[two] (Italics in original.)

It can be rather a paradoxical life for the NF in the look for for turning out to be self, which in no way ends. It can possibly be disheartening or relieving relief can arrive only in the acceptance of this ‘never-entire/a get the job done in progress’ mother nature. Spiritually, psychologically and physically the NF wanders by life and time seeking enhancement and is in no way truly happy without the need of “the look for.”

Activity without the need of meaning in any position in life[three] for NF is pointless and disheartening. They want to derive meaning from the self and many others. 

To have integrity suggests unity for the NF and this is to be legitimate, genuine and of great religion.

Everything has importance for the NF and they are particularly delicate to the “subtleties in gestures and metaphoric conduct” that’s not always ‘visible’ to many others.[4]

Some of the most artistic people today arrive from the NF pressure, such as artistic writers and artists, whilst NF’s also make up a massive share of all those entering the ministry, educating, and psychology and counselling professions. “Transmitting concepts and attitudes tends to catch the attention of NFs.”[5]

NF’s are also natural leaders as they get pleasure from actualising opportunity in many others and on their own. Their starvation for meaning is centred not on points but people today, and not on abstractions but associations, and eventually, not on motion but interaction.[6]

NF’s spend closely in their associations and to a result in with importance, but to stay deeply hooked up want all over again to derive meaning in the extensive run. Even additional particularly, the NF is effective challenging and towards perfection in their get the job done. 

Paradoxically, as soon as the get the job done is accomplished, even so, no make a difference how perfect the outcome is, “it in no way appears to stay up to the magnificence of its conception.” It is also fascinating that NF’s feel “unable or unwilling to restrict a commitment they make to a production, as soon as they turn into concerned. At that point, they can be unreasonably demanding on the two on their own and all those all over them.”[7]

Just one matter we can say in the typical dialogue of personality styles and choices is there are so quite a few unique methods of viewing life, and in this, we can see why there is so a lot conflict in communication. We simply cannot maybe hope to see points persistently correctly from others’ viewpoints, but we can check out.

In this sort of study we can value our mutual differences as well as our similarities. And just mainly because people today believe and feel in another way to each other does not make them improper. Personality styles reveal quite a few points in the realm of human conduct and interaction.

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