Menopausal Discomfort? No Sweat! A New Theory on the Cause and Prevention of Hot Flashes


Ladies in Fiji have it straightforward, at the very least when it comes to menopause.

We ended up in Fiji to review bra donning and breast most cancers, but took edge of the prospect of getting with these non-western people to inquire about the way regional females skilled menopause. Margaret Mead, the popular cultural anthropologist, learned that the discomforts younger western females normally associate with the “coming of age” ended up typically absent for Samoan females. As healthcare anthropologists, we shocked if the coming “out of age” was any different for Fijian females than for those people in the west who complain of numerous indicators, this sort of as warm flashes and profuse sweating.

So we asked some article-menopausal females how they skilled their menopause. The reaction was pretty identical from each individual.

“What&#39s that?” they asked, perplexed.

We shortly learned that there is no equal word in Fijian for “menopause”. In Fiji, when a females lives very long enough to end menstruating, she just goes to the medical professional to make guaranteed she is not pregnant. Once she is confident this is not the situation, she is joyful and carefree. The deficiency of negative physiological and psychological results, so troublesome for some western females, has settled in the absence of a expression to describe this time in a Fijian girl&#39s existence.

The warm flashes and profuse sweating of menopause is there in advance of not common between all cultures. And in western cultures, it is not even common between all females. Whilst the healthcare literature has harped on deficiency of estrogen and excessively gonadotropic hormones as the most most likely results in of this “pathology”, the fact that most females who move by way of menopause have minimal or no issue at all implies that the system for the documented complications have to Be something other than altered endocrinology article-menopause. In other terms, considering the fact that all females have reduced estrogen and elevated gonadotropins as they enter menopause, why do some females have troubling warm flashes and sweats while some others do not? Could there be another system that has been overlooked?

Perhaps the resolution lies in the way we are conceptualizing menopausal “indicators”. We by now understand that a lot of so-known as “indicators” of sickness are in fact the overall body&#39s way to defend alone. Below, a fever, normally regarded as a symptom of ailment, is in fact aspect of the method of immune reaction. Coughing, vomiting, dirrhea, and nausea can also be regarded as defense mechanisms. Could warm flashes and sweats be a defense system, as very well?

It was this line of considering that led us to start off the Menopause Aid Venture, which incorporated a preliminary review of menopaal females with warm flashes and sweats that no cure would treatment. Below is the concept at the rear of the review.

A single of the most essential functions of the human overall body is to eradicate waste. We do this by way of several elementary pathways: the lungs the intestines the skin and the kidneys. A single other system is ordinarily overlooked, and is only available to females. That is, elimination via menstruation and the sloughing off of the endometrium.

The goal of the endometrium, of system, is to give dietary assistance for a fertilized ovum until finally the placenta developments and usually takes in excess of. The endometrium lining of the uterus is rebuilt next the past menstrual stream beneath the impact of estrogen and progesterone. The thickness of the endometrium improves as blood vessels and tissue proliferate, while the endometrium soaks in vitamins like a sponge. Some vitamins are secreted, while some others are saved for later use.

By natural means, a extremely vascular, secretory organ like the endometrium can also take up and magic formula (excrete) toxic compounds, as very well.

Meanwhile, another outcome of estrogen tends to make toxic compounds primarily available for absorption by the endometrium. A single physiological outcome of estrogen is to trigger salt and fluid retention, producing the whole overall body slightly swell just prior to the graduation of the period of time. This primarily flushes the tissues, as the fluid cleanses the interstitial spaces. This can help clear away toxic compounds from the tissues, as the fluid travels back into the bloodstream via the lymphatic channels for toxin elimination. It is at this time that some females working experience PMS, or pre-menstrual syndrome. Leg, breast and belly swapping are manifestations of estrogen mediated fluid retention. Melancholy, irritability, confusion, and tiredness, also PMS indicators, might be linked to the maximize in circulating toxic compounds launched from the tissues.

As these toxic compounds circulate in the bloodstream, some are eliminated by the kidneys, some are processed by the liver and excreted with the bile into the intestines, some are exhaled by the lungs, and some are sweated out. Lots of females report increased overall body odor and lousy breath during this toxic time. Meanwhile, some toxic compounds are absorbed by the receptive and “hungry” endometrium. If being pregnant is not attained, the endometrium is sloughed off, eliminating the toxic compounds with the unneeded uterine lining.

Menstruation, then, is a time of cleaning for females of childbearing age. What transpires when this system stops at menopause?

Plainly, if there is a reduction of one method of elimination, the other modes have to acquire the burden. This means that it would be significant for menopausal females to move their bowels regularly, drink a lot of fluids and urinate when essential, breathe deeply, and perspire freely.

And here is where by western females have difficulty. Lots of western females, as very well as gentlemen, maintain in their urge to urinate or defecate. This typically has to do with the actuality of contemporary, city existence, with several available general public bathrooms, and with those people that are available normally intolerable for use. (Far more on this point in a upcoming posting.) Deep respiratory is hard for females with a tight bra strapped to their chests.

As for sweating, our society is exceptionally sweat-phobic. Alongside the smell of sweaty armpits, there is the armpit stain on shirts and blouses to get worried about. Whilst this is not an difficulty for females in Fiji, who perspire freely, most western females use antiperspirants to deal with this. This might make their armpits far more culturally acceptable, but it does so at the cost of eliminatory performance.

So here we have females who are keeping in their waste and impairing their skill to sweat. On top rated of this, they end menstruating. The output is an accumulation of toxic compounds in the overall body. About time, these toxic compounds trigger irritability and moodiness. From time to time, the toxic compounds construct up to the danger point, persuasive the overall body to acquire issues in its personal hands, so to communicate. To eradicate the toxic compounds, the overall body tends to make alone sweat.

This, we believe that, is the explanation for the warm flashes. These are the overall body&#39s way of leaping beginning a sweat. Warm flashes can transpire any time, and at times end for months to only start off once again. Could it be that the warm flashes, and the sweat reaction this produces, are the means to eliminating toxic compounds that have accumulated as a result of menopause, alongside with a hampered toxin disposal system?

If this ended up the useful “goal” of menopausal warm flashes and sweats, it follows that females could stay away from the spontaneous sweats by very carefully sweating each individual day to eradicate the toxic compounds. Just after all, the issue with warm flashes is that they transpire at inconvenient situations, out of the management of the girl. If she can select the time when she wishes to eradicate toxic compounds, it would make spontaneous sweating unnecessary, ending the warm flashes.

To examination this concept, we discovered ten volunteers who ended up menopausal, dealing with very disturbing warm flashes and sweats. We asked the regional YWCA to give free passes for these females to use the sauna and steam area, and asked the volunteers to acquire twenty moment sweats daily, for 8 weeks. We relied on their subjective responses for the outcomes.

By the conclusion of the first week, four of the females experienced dropped out. They documented that they individually disliked sweating and discovered this sort of avoidance unappealing. All of these females continued to have warm flashes and spontaneous sweats.

Of the remaining 6, one could not sweat properly, and surely overheated in the sauna. She also dropped out.

Of the remaining 5, all skilled aid by 2 weeks of daily sweats. They documented that they no lengthier experienced night sweats or warm flashes, aside from a minimal blush.

We later discussed our review with an AIDS researcher who was discovering hyperthermia remedies. He reported that a side outcome of the hyperthermia, which brought on sweating, was that it stopped AIDS clients from having night sweats.

We would like to see even more exploration completed on this, and encourage physicians to check out this out with their clients. Most females can face up to the rigors of a sweat tub, but some situations might contraindicate hyperthermia cure, this sort of as coronary heart sickness, hypertension, diabetic issues, and so on. The females must also be instructed to replace fluids as essential, with electrolytes as very well as h2o.

This romance in between the will need to sweat and the improvement of warm flashes might aid describe a system by which estrogen replacement lessens warm flashes. Estrogen replacement regimens contact for three weeks on and one week off the hormone. This results in the overall body to keep fluid when the estrogen is superior, and then launch the fluid from the tissues as the estrogen falls, properly operating as a tissue cleanse. On the other hand, the possible price of applying estrogens is superior. It can involve most cancers of the breast, cervix, vagina, endometrium, and liver, as very well as gallbladder sickness, stroke and pulmonary embolism, and exacerbated migraines, asthma, epilepsy, coronary heart sickness, and kidney sickness.

Perhaps it&#39s much better to pay attention to the overall body and just sweat to reduce and protect against menopausal pain. It is also a lot easier on the tens of millions of pregnant horses that are immobilized and catheterized to acquire their urine for the drug Premarin (Beforehand Mare Urine).

Plainly, females with menopausal complications will need to take a look at their eating plan, alongside with the health and fitness and purpose of all their eliminatory organs. On the other hand, when we understand that menopause is not a sickness, and that the overall body knows how to deal with conditions to its equilibration with mechanisms this sort of as perspiring, knowledge the trigger of menopaal pain is genuinely no sweat!


Resource by Sydney Ross Singer

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