Mercedes 126 Repair – Forgotten Fluids, Part III


The issue of this report, brake fluid, is not as sorely neglected as differential gear oil or ability steering fluid. Brakes will at some point command the awareness of even the most inattentive operator. But we really should be having to pay awareness to our brake system very long ahead of it screams at us.

Mercedes is just one of the couple of automobile makers to prescribe a support interval for brake fluid – two yrs. And there are quite great good reasons for this. 1st, brake fluid is highly hygroscopic, quickly absorbing drinking water vapor from the environment. If you depart a container of brake fluid open overnight, it will be fatally compromised by the up coming working day. Water in the fluid can boil and vaporize when the brakes are used, blocking the transmission of pressure from the grasp cylinder to the caliper. The seriousness of that protection hazard will need not be mentioned. Water also will cause corrosion inside of the brake system. Ultimately, the fluid inside of the caliper is subjected to quite high temperatures and degrades about time. The fluid in the reservoir might look alright, but there is no recirculation of fluid in this system to offer a visual cue to intervene.

If you are living in a humid weather, Mercedes&#39 prescription may possibly in fact not be potent sufficient. It may possibly be necessary to improve the fluid just about every 12 months . And it is finest to do this in the driest element of the 12 months. For most people, the task is finest accomplished in the spring, but in swampy Central Florida, for instance, the finest time to operate on brakes is the winter season, which is the dry time. Regardless, typical operate on the brakes supplies a lot more possibilities to inspect the condition of the pads, rotors, and versatile brake traces. The opening and closing of the bleeder screws precedes them from getting frozen in area by rust. And your caliper seals with really like you for it.

Though some nevertheless swear by the common, two-male brake-bleeding course of action, ability bleeders are incredibly productive and make brake bleeding a simple, just one-male operation. Power bleeders eliminate the will need to consistently check the fluid level in the reservoir, thus lessening the hazard of air getting into the system and demanding us to get started all about again. And they have been shown to decrease the hazard of hurt to the grasp cylinder throughout common bleeding.

The common suggestions to get started with the caliper furthest from the grasp cylinder retains accurate. In simple fact, that ideal rear caliper looks to be by much the toughest to bleed totally. It is vital to keep going till the fluid leaving the caliper is totally cleanse and absolutely free of bubbles . A smaller amount of money of Teflon tape wrapped about the threads of the bleeder screw can safeguard in opposition to any stress for bogus air to be sucked at that issue. Though such air does not remain in the caliper to induce operational problems, it does make it difficult to explain to when the brakes have been bled properly.

DOT four fluid really should be employed in Mercedes brake devices. If all you can get is DOT 3, that is not the conclude of the earth: it will not damage the system in any way it only has a reduce boiling issue. Whatsoever you do, do not use DOT five brake fluid This is designed entirely for racing apps and does not belong in street autos.


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