Pregnant Mom’s Guide to the Zika Virus Risk & Cord Blood Banking


You could be thinking why the Zika virus is a large deal for you, if you are an expectant mom?

Well, just before that let’s just communicate about what it is and how it spreads. The Zika virus is mostly distribute by mosquito bites and sexual transmission. The virus does not result in significant hurt to older people. But it significantly influences infants, if the mom contracts the virus all through pregnancy.

So, coming back to the issue, certainly, the Zika virus causes significant birth defects in new child infants, born of Zika infected mothers. These infants create microcephaly, a problem in which they are born with a substantially more compact mind, when compared to other infants.

If all these have produced you a little bit apprehensive and unpleasant, listed here is some very good information to make you really feel a little safer. Wire blood banking! Yes, by securing a twine blood device, you can be well prepared for the potential, no subject what.

However, listed here are some rules that expecting mom and dad should know about the Zika infection and twine blood banking, if they are inclined to donate their twine blood. The Food items and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration) and the Wire Blood Association issued a guideline to shield twine blood models from potential Zika virus transmission on August 26, 2016. The recommendations are as pointed out underneath:

· The regulations are relevant to everyone who would acquire and retail outlet blood components in private and public twine blood banks.

· All blood donations are suggested to be screened for the infection.

· If an expectant mom, inclined to donate her baby’s placental blood device, is discovered to be infected with the Zika virus at any stage of her pregnancy, her registration will be ineligible.

· She will be ineligible to donate her twine blood device, if she stays in an energetic Zika cluster or travels to any such location all through her pregnancy.

· If she had sexual intercourse at any stage of her pregnancy with a Zika infected male in the past six months, she will also be considered ineligible. The motive staying, the Zika virus can also be sexually transmitted.

Now you should be thinking, should you retail outlet your baby’s twine or placental blood, if you are infected with the Zika virus? The remedy is certainly. No subject if your little one is at threat of the Zika virus or not, storing a twine blood device will ensure a secure potential. Additionally, all these recommendations and regulations stand for a reality that these stem cells are substantially unusual. So, storing a twine or placental blood device and obtaining a bunch of existence-conserving stem cells is often a far better choice than having practically nothing in hand, when you require a transplant in the potential. And just as pointed out previously, the Zika virus does not pose any significant threat to male older people and non-expecting girls.

Wire or placental blood banks get an extra screening approach to examine for the Zika virus infection in get to do away with any threat. Following the screening approach, if you are discovered to be at threat, your twine blood will nonetheless be collected and saved, so that any potential sickness of your spouse and children associates can be dealt with. The processing and storing processes ensure that no cross contamination takes area.


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