Shower Filters – It’s What Inside That Counts


When referring to people we often say, “It truly is what inside that counts” – and this could not be far more genuine when making an attempt to appraise shower filters. As a result in this posting we will be discussing the many types of shower drinking water filter mediums (the stuff inside shower filters that basically filter the drinking water). We will look at just about every of the major types of shower filter mediums, talk about how they are generated, make clear their virtues and also make notice of their inferior elements.

Granular Active Carbon (GAC)

By far this is the most popular type of filter medium in a shower drinking water filter. It is largely so well-liked for the reason that it is relatively cheap to generate and has wonderful filtering homes. Simply because of it is really microporosity a solitary gram of this materials has a surface area location which exceeds 500m squared, which offers it wonderful filtering homes.

In the earlier GAC was generated mostly by manufacturing charcoal from wood and coal, but these days most GAC in drinking water filters are designed from carbonaceous resources this kind of as nutshells and coconut husk – building these items when destined for the garbage idea a worthwhile useful resource all over again.

Normally most multi-stage filters of any type will include at minimum one particular layer of GAC as a filtration stage. This is the similar for lots of shower filters. Nonetheless it is not just drinking water filtration that can be accomplished as a result of applying GAC, it also can filter gas, oils, chemical substances and can even be applied to take care of poisonings and overdoses by basically investing it. As a filter it definitely is a miracle item, no wonder it is applied so considerably.


  • Cheap and effortless to generate from squander resources
  • Good purely natural filter
  • Can be applied to filter just about anything at all from sewage to gas
  • Utilized world extensive by governments, health companies and municipal drinking water treatment plants
  • Tried and genuine process of drinking water filtration
  • Removes:
    • Chlorine
    • Substances
    • Chloramine
    • Dissolved volatile organic chemical substances (VOCs)
    • Herbicides & pesticides
    • Radon
    • Drinking water hardness calcium, magnesium in drinking water
    • Natural compounds
    • Stops negative smells and tastes


  • When applied just by them selves, GAC filters want to be replaced pretty quickly as the filter medium can get clogged up and cease filtering.
  • Filtering drinking water as a result of a GAC filter will take time so having a huge GAC filter for a shower is not a superior strategy for the reason that it will not give enough flow for a right shower.
  • At very significant temperatures (around eighty levels C) GAC can start to slough out of the filter, but this is just not as well considerably of a difficulty with shower drinking water filters for the reason that at 60 levels C skin begins to get burnt. As a result no showers will get to a heat in which GAC will have this difficulty.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion – KDF

This type of filter medium is the golden boy or girl of the shower filter world (it basically is golden in colour as very well!). KDF is a patented filter medium learned and generated by the corporation KDF Fluid Cure Inc. based mostly in the United states of america. The medium was learned by Don Heskett in the 60s and given that then has long gone on to be recognised and utilised by lots of federal government bodies together with the United States Environmental Security Agency – who classify it is a ‘pesticidal device’ for the reason that of it is really wonderful capability to destroy micro organism and other microorganisms.

KDF is generated in a process that uniquely brings together copper and zinc, this combination generates a fantastic golden sand like compound that generates an electrochemical reaction when drinking water passes as a result of it. This reaction variations the chemical make up of the destructive substances in drinking water (this kind of as chemical substances like chlorine) and turns them into benign substances that are not destructive. Also this reaction will cause weighty metals in the drinking water to plate out (adhere to) the medium’s surface area, for that reason eradicating them from the drinking water. Dangerous microorganisms this kind of as algae, fungi and micro organism are also promptly killed when they contact KDF.


  • Prolonged long lasting
  • When applied in conjunction with GAC can further more the lifetime of the GAC
  • Kills micro organism, fungi and algae which could possibly try to dwell inside a filter
  • Recyclable
  • Reacts quickly so offers a superior flow of drinking water in the shower
  • Removes:
    • Chlorine
    • Kills micro organism, fungi & algae
    • Hefty metals (this kind of as lead, mercury, copper, etcetera.)
    • Scale and hardness


  • High priced for the reason that it is a patented item.

Vitamin C

Filtering drinking water with Vitamin C is one particular of the latest filter mediums located in shower drinking water filters. A person noticeable variation with this type of filter medium as opposed to the above two filter mediums is that it can only be located in shower filters. Vitamin C to filter drinking water is not located in any industrial drinking water filter procedures and has not been permitted by any scientific foundations or federal government companies to provide ideal drinking water filtration demands.

Vitamin C drinking water filters function to neautralise Chlorine located in drinking water. The chemical is basically called ascorbic acid (normally recognised as Vitamin C) and when Chlorine arrives into make contact with with this chemical it reacts to it and turns the Chlorine into a harmless compound.


  • Very rapidly reaction time


  • Very unstable, when uncovered to drinking water remedy it levels in a day or two
  • Only gets rid of Chlorine, leaving all other contaminants in drinking water source
  • Not fully scientifically examined or proven.

In summary from the above we can see that the ideal type of shower drinking water filter medium is not one particular solitary filter medium, but a shower filter that incorporates various mediums (this kind of as KDF and GAC). Nonetheless no make any difference what type of shower filter one particular decides on finding, at the very minimum by installing a shower drinking water filter at the very minimum we are guarding ourselves from destructive chemical substances in our drinking water provides.


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