Sugar – Some Unusual Uses of Sugar


Sugar which is primarily made use of as a sweetener in foodstuff has some other uses, some of which refer to the location of ​​health. Listed here are a handful of shocking methods you can use sugar.

one) Healing Wounds

Wounds ensuing from cuts, crushing and ulcers can be treated with sugar. Just implement a pinch of sugar on the wound and wait around even though the sugar kills the micro organism and heals the wound immediately.

two) Comforting a Burnt Tongue

You may well from time to time burn off your tongue by sipping a very hot beverage or biting into a dish with out acknowledging how very hot it is. You can arrest the burning feeling by using a tiny sugar. Sugar not only presents your tongue a sweet taste but administers a soothing contact also. You will get quick relief from the burning feeling. By killing the micro organism on the place that is burnt, sugar assures that the wound on your tongue stays benign and shorter lived.

three) Cleansing Your Fingers

If your hands get filthy from grease, colour or some other grimi compound, include a little bit of sugar to the soap foam and rub on your hands. You will see your hand turning miraculously clear promptly, a end result even the most productive soaps can not give, when made use of by yourself.

4) Moisturizing Your Lips

You can develop an fantastic moisturizing cream by adding a pinch of sugar to a combine of jojoba oil, olive oil and the mint of vanilla extract. Utilize it on your lip and expertise a extremely productive moisturizing.

five) Preserving Your Cakes and Cookies New

Set a handful of cubes of sugar into a sealed jar of cookies, cakes or cheese to maintain the compound clean extensive. Do this only in a sealed container given that in a container that has air circulation, the sugar cubes may well melt and make your cookies or cakes sticky.

6) Smoothen Your Pores and skin

Just as you can include sugar to a combination of oils to put together a moisturizing cream for your lips, so you can make a pores and skin cream by mixing sugar, 1 or additional of Jojoba, Olive Canola and Almond oils and modest quantities of essential oils. This oily cream can be made use of for body peeling. The rough texture of sugar will take out the damaged cells of the pores and skin and the oils will make your pores and skin smooth.

The earlier mentioned are some uses of sugar for bettering your health and fitness and actual physical maintenance. Sugar also has some other uses:

one) Calming the infants

Blend 1 spoon of sugar with 4 eyeglasses of drinking water. Give a handful of ounces of this answer to your little one in advance of vaccinating it. The little one will be calmer when it is being injected for vaccination. Pediatrics experiments have confirmed this outcome.

two) Nourishing the Flowers

Add 3 teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar to 1 liter of drinking water and use this combination on your residence flower patch. The stem of the flower will be nourished by sugar even though the micro organism will be retained in test by the vinegar.

three) Killing insects and pesticides

What is sweet to a man can be lethal to insects and pesticides !. You can use sugar as a pesticide and insecticide in various methods.

a) A combination of sugar and baking powder retained in sites frequented by cockroaches will get rid of the cockroaches. The sugar will bring in them and the baking powder will do them in.

b) Boil a combination of sugar, honey and drinking water, using them in equivalent quantities in a pot, stirring the combination even though it boils, to make the uniform and maintain it fluid. Dip a sticky paper into this answer and hold the sheet on the wall by earning a hole in the corner of the sheet. You will come across flies flocking to the paper and obtaining trapped there.

c) Bury uncooked sugar in your yard to get rid of pesticides. Burying five kilograms of sugar for 250 square meters of sugar will be quite productive. Nonetheless, you will have to wait around for sometime to see the effects.


Resource by Parthasarathy Rengaswami

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