The Cosmology Of Fluidism



Anything is related, intertwined and in touch with every little thing else at the same time. Matter, area, electrical power, time, body, and brain are certain patterns or associations in the similar fundamental detail. Alternatively of a rigid container of isolated objects, truth is a lot more like an infinite oceanic of distinct waves, where every single wave (every single mindful kind) rises up from the key medium. There is but just one unity from which every single independent condition is born.


Leonardo da Vinci was in tune to this point of watch, as he observed landscapes in drinking water stains on partitions. As children, we are in tune to this point of watch, when we prepare to see animals in cloud formations. Just about everywhere in mother nature, there are hints of typical buildings that hook up every person and every little thing. From the tiniest particle to the biggest galaxy, “stuff” swirls, twirls and explodes to produce patterns of branching, folding, knotting and twisting. These are the clustering patterns of fluid move, and these patterns include the chance of all points.

In applying the purely natural move of drinking water, by way of the purely natural move of paint, I keep close to the elementary process of all existence. When I make a painting, I on your own do not management the patterns. Alternatively, I am an action of the planning process myself. I participate with patterns, fairly than possessing the end result of them. I liberate patterns from previously-present structure. I tweak patterns just one way or yet another, but I do not will the remaining specifics. I see a wave of chance, which I test to trip to a great conclusion.

Drinking water

Drinking water is the most exceptional place on Earth where we see fluid patterns. Drinking water, by way of paint, for that reason, has been my favorite medium. Drinking water is the primary compound both of the human body and of the human habitat. In cultures in the course of the planet, drinking water usually has had associations with the imaginative theory. Drinking water is a powerful metaphor for how we understand existence (for instance, “move of time”, “sea of ​​change”, “stream of consciousness”, “security leak”). Drinking water represents the cosmic ocean from which all existence originated and into which all existence need to dissolve.


In the first design of art that I contact ” fluidism “, I offer with complex patterns that emerge spontaneously in fluid move. I am specifically interested in fluid move that human muscle mass electric power can produce in various liquid substances, ranging from acrylic paints to egg whites. In this article the painting floor does not keep mounted in just one place or in just one aircraft (as in regular painting) but can be moved or manipulated to produce shaping forces in just the paint instantly.

I when deemed calling my design of art “catastrophism” , because the efforts I used to paint, when I very first began this design, ended up typically sharp and violent. These efforts developed catastrophes in the paint or unexpected, unpredictable demolitions and reconstructions of the liquid. In other text, by applying these primitive (but not simple) efforts, I churned out complex designs. I routinely incorporated planned designs and preconceived backgrounds with these transparent designs. Interactions amongst intentional human logic and accidental liquid logic have usually fascinated me.


I see the intricate patterns of fluid move as ancestors of all patterns that are familiar to us. The condition of a chook, the condition of a experience, the condition of a continent every single is very first a a lot more primitive condition in a flowing fluid. The move of truth evolves into human sorts. Flow is our place of beginning and our place of death that recycles into new existence all over again. Cells, animals, suns and galaxies are offspring of fluid dynamic move. We are quite a few, yet we are just one with this move.

Basic Physical Qualities

Painting, in common, occurs right away and instantly off the hand, in tangible, a few-dimensional components, with unrestrained levels of liberty. My certain design of painting expresses fundamental actual physical properties this kind of as mass, drag, momentum, gravity, floor pressure, viscosity, collisions. These are at entire enjoy (in the minute). The designs I current are precise phenomena of mother nature. They are authentic fluid patterns, either frozen in their first media, or captured at their peaks of charm in pictures.


Fluidism paintings and pictures come up from the human body&#39s close interaction with the actual physical planet. The liquid configuration of my body interfaces with precise, liquid components of the bigger cosmos.

Common Wisdom

Fluidism paintings and pictures are miniature variations of a actual physical process that occurs at all concentrations of truth, from the sub-atomic to the mega-galactic. When producing these paintings, I am in touch with a process that precedes intelligence. I am collaborating with mother nature to make an artifact that reminds us of the wisdom contained in the material of the universe– a wisdom that exceptions text, a wisdom that acknowledges realizing, but a wisdom that designs and moves us as contributors in a excellent dynamic continuum.

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