The Difference Between AutoCAD and SolidWorks


SolidWorks is what we phone a “parametric” solid modeller made use of for three-D layout. Parametric usually means that the dimensions can have associations concerning 1 a different and can be improved at any level during the layout method to routinely change the solid part and any similar documentation (blueprint). AutoCAD, on the other hand, is generally a two-D layout software with some, but restricted three-D capabilities. It is very easy when compared to any parametric solid modeller (despite the fact that 3D is enhanced in AutoCAD 2007). Autodesk (the producer of AutoCAD) will make a merchandise that is practically equivalent to SolidWorks, named Inventor, which is a parametric method for layout of solid pieces and assemblies.

SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical CAD (personal computer-aided layout) method that runs on Microsoft Home windows. SolidWorks documents use the Microsoft Structured storage file format. This usually means that there is a variety of documents embedded in every SLDDRW (drawing documents), SLDPRT (part documents), SLDASM (assembly documents), with preview bitmaps and metadata sub-documents. Many third-social gathering instruments can be made use of to extract these sub-documents, despite the fact that the sub-documents in several instances use proprietary binary file formats. SolidWorks is a parasolid-dependent solid modeller, and makes use of a parametric characteristic-dependent tactic to develop products and assemblies. Parameters refer to constraints which values establish the condition or geometry of the product. Parameters can be either numeric, this kind of as line lengths or circle diameters, or geometric, this kind of as tangent, parallel, concentric, horizontal or vertical. Numeric parameters can be affiliated with every other through the use of relations, which allows them to capture layout intent.

AutoCAD is, just like SolidWorks, a Computer Aided Design software application for two-D and three-D layout and drafting. AutoCAD was 1 of the initially CAD applications to operate on own or dwelling computers, notably the IBM own personal computer. At that time, most other CAD applications ran on mainframe computers or mini-computers that were being related to a graphics personal computer terminal for every user. Early releases of AutoCAD made use of essential entities this kind of as traces, poly-traces, circles, arcs, and text to in the long run build additional elaborate objects. AutoCAD has due to the fact started off to support tailor made objects through its C++ Software Programming Interface (API).

Modern day AutoCAD consists of a comprehensive set of essential solid modelling and three-D instruments. With the launch of AutoCAD 2007 enhanced 3D modelling noticed the light, which usually means far better navigation when functioning in 3 dimensions. It also grew to become less difficult to edit three-D products. The mental ray motor was provided in rendering and hence it was now probable to do good quality renderings. AutoCAD 2010 released parametric operation and community modelling. At this minute, AutoCAD only runs underneath Microsoft Home windows running methods. It is accessible in 32-bit and sixty four-bit versions. AutoCAD can operate on an emulator or compatibility layer like VM-ware Workstation or Wine, despite the fact that a variety of overall performance concerns can occur if you work with three-D objects or large drawings.

Selecting a system that works for you is dependent entirely on the type of work you want to do. Lots of industry experts say that SolidWorks is additional productive when functioning on three dimensional styles and that AutoCAD is the way to go for two dimensional layout.


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