Tips to Keep Your Combi Boiler Running Smoothly and Avoid Repairs


Just a couple recommendations for some popular challenges that I get termed out to as a self utilized heating engineer. Very simple methods to stay clear of unneeded high priced boiler repairs.

  • Inhibitor – To start with of all, always make certain you have inhibitor in your program. Inhibitor is a chemical that is extra to the drinking water in your program to protect it from scale and corrosion. This will quit sections of your boiler from receiving blocked and/or damaged when the drinking water (and debris) is circulating close to your central heating program. I would strongly advise receiving a respectable inhibitor (Sentinel/Fernox) as opposed to a much less expensive substitute. You can select these up for close to £15 – £20 at your nearby plumbers merchant or Diy retail store.
  • Frozen condensate pipe – A popular issue for condensing combi boiler maintenance phone outs in the winter is when the condensate pipe freezes it triggers the boiler to shut down completely. A very simple answer to this issue is to make certain the condensate pipe that is exterior is at least 32mm in diameter. As regular, condensate pipe is close to 22mm and it would be best to maintain it indoors as a lot as feasible but raising the dimensions exterior will quit the pipe from freezing and your boiler from needing repairs.
  • Pressure gauge – Continue to keep an eye on your pressure gauge. Most combi boilers need to have the pressure established among one and one.5 bar of pressure. You will usually have unique coloured protected zones on the pressure gauge. If the pressure drops beneath the protected zone then you will need to best up the pressure by including some drinking water to the program by using the filling loop. If you maintain obtaining to fill up the program because of pressure loss, then you have to have a leak somewhere in your boiler or a radiator or on some pipework.
  • Bleeding radiators – If your radiator is receiving very hot at the bottom but not at the best, then you will need to bleed the air out of your radiator. To do this you will need a radiator bleed critical which you can purchase for fewer than £2. Merely discover the little square bolt at the best of the radiator and unscrew it anti-clockwise with the critical until finally you hear the air coming out. Continue to keep heading until finally you get some drinking water coming out but always don’t forget to best the pressure back with drinking water by using the filling loop.

Keeping on best of these very simple challenges could conserve you a whole lot of unneeded expense for boiler repairs in the potential. If you do not sense confident at performing any of these, then it is best to discover anyone that does.


Supply by Steven L Reid

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