What Does It Mean When He Says You Are Special! Learn the True and Real Meaning Behind This


Being told that you are exclusive is a spectacular experience additional so when the one who mentioned it is your most cherished male. There are, nonetheless, many unique meanings to just one term so the term exclusive could suggest a hundred unique factors to unique people today.

You might be exclusive because you are the one.
Maybe this male has been courting close to and now he has discovered his soul mate in you. The term exclusive means he is done seeking for a girl to devote his time with.

You might be exclusive because he really cares for you.
Most of the time, men say that you are exclusive if they truly feel deeply in love with you. He has to categorical his overwhelming emotions for you that is why he is expressing this. This is most likely the most raw of all motives why a male would tell you that you are a exclusive particular person.

You are now his.
A male telling you that you are exclusive to him could only suggest that he is previously possessing you or marking you as his very own. He is expressing this so that you would reserve oneself to him. This is his way of telling to the globe that you are now an item.

The term exclusive is a supplement for the term love.
At times, a male can be so timid that he would not even be in a position to tell you how a lot he loves you. Just so it would not audio like he is becoming severe from the onset, he would just tell you, for now, that you are exclusive to him.

You might be exclusive because he appreciates your abilities and expertise.
This man need to have been smitten by your sweet singing voice or your cooking expertise. Then what is to quit him from expressing you are exclusive because you really are? Not way too many girls could be good at painting, rock climbing, or even knitting, so it is really but natural for him to appreciate these factors about you.

Saying you are exclusive is like putting a brake to his speeding emotions.
This man is just becoming careful when he says that you are exclusive. He does not want you to believe that he is not interested but at the very same time, he also does not want you to believe that he is previously committing to you. He is holding off his deep emotions for now so that he can have time to assess his emotions for you.

He is just becoming a gentleman.
This male is just seeking to please you but, in fact, you are still not the one for him. He is just becoming awesome to you considering the fact that you are a girl and so he is expressing the most remarkable term that he could believe of.


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