What Is the Psychology Behind The Kama Sutra?


The Kama Sutra is an historic text penned by Vatsyayana all-around the 2nd CAD in India. He was of the Vedic tradition, from which the Trinity god designed its way into Christianity. Prior to creating and printing there were photographs in stone that exhibit unique sexual poses, this sort of as in the Hindi sexual intercourse temples at Khajuharo. Even though they exhibit an obsession with sexual enjoyment the reason at the rear of them is the psychology born of a want to fertilise the Mother God.

This is now this sort of a way-out proposition that a lot of would dismiss it as fanciful. The specifics, having said that, speak of a time when gentlemen were so obsessed with their fertilising skills that they dreamed massive and the contemporary faiths are born of them. The a person mystery that all gentlemen have dealt with in the course of history has been that of sexual intercourse.

It was not only a concern of what drives it but of the bodily variations in a man’s physique when passion and want can take charge of it. The penis grew to become the most employed symbol in historic societies and all above Europe the ‘menhirs’ stand as a testimony. Some are positioned in this sort of a way that the solar sorts a star on the peak of it.

Mountains are regarded as spots of holiness for the reason that listed here when the solar passes at the rear of the peak it sorts a star. The 7-stage and 5-stage stars are built on this picture and they remain a symbol of the Mother God.

The psychology of gentlemen equipped to use their male organ in this way was the objective of contests. ‘Semen’ is derived from ‘see-man’ and a person can only think about the styles of worries that were invented to exhibit how significantly of the magic fluid a person could deliver, and how often. The winner was the ‘her-o’ or ‘her circle’. In other terms, he handed via the circle to ‘marry’ Mary and are living as her consort from then on.

Mary was the title of the Mother-god in Babylon and listed here, as in other metropolitan areas, walls of breasts were exhibited for the objective of caressing and introducing fore-engage in into the relationship. The photographs in the Kama Sutra and in the temples of India, Japan, and somewhere else, are reminders that this is what lies at the rear of the philosophy of religions.

My reincarnation demonstrates that there are no this sort of spots as heaven and hell but that they are weapons to pressure persons to accept the beliefs of our ancestors. The psychology is still dependent on reconciliation with the god in heaven and to make gentlemen powerful. It also has the effect of turning ladies into chattels and forcing them to protect up. That way their presence is significantly less offensive to the solar.

As verification of how influential the solar is in religions the outdated symbolism and involved names explain to the story. In historic rock art, this sort of as located in the Nordic Nations around the world, gentlemen are depicted rising upwards with a cross possibly on their bodies or as a kite lifting them. This symbol is encircled to screen the two symbols as relevant to crufixion. All those who supposedly handed on in this way were drawn with them earlier mentioned their heads.

They are then terms ‘san’t’ for ‘sun’s cross’ and this grew to become ‘saint’. ‘San’ stands for solar, saint, and son, in a lot of languages as a remnant of its origin. Sanskrit, the original language of Hindi, is from ‘san-script’ or ‘sun written’ and its early variety is with signals taken from the solar. These are designed as shadows, stars, and so on.

Adult males dying on crosses also designed signals and appears that located their way into language via interpretation by a significant priest or Sharman. He was regarded as to be in close partnership with the solar and, thus, equipped to pass on her messages. It is also the reason why ‘holy men’ in India are ordinarily located on the peaks in which they remain in close relationship with the celestial physique.

Their position is a person of psychologically implementing the will of the Mother God above those people who search for enable or understanding. For this reason, they are retained by the neighborhood which supplies them with food and other necessities for their everyday living and ease and comfort.


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