Why Is My Boiler Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Leaking?


During a recent inspection water was dripping from the extension pipe on the facet of the boiler on to the flooring. This piping was connected to a leaking Tension Reduction or Safety Valve. This fairly popular trouble is really a relatively good matter and keeps you and your spouse and children safe and sound from potential failure of your boiler. Ahead of the set up of these products it was not unusual to hear about boiler explosions injuring household occupants.

But why is it leaking now? To solution this problem, it is crucial to understand how your heating system performs. Your heating system distributes sizzling water during your household. As the water is heated and cooled by the boiler that water expands and raises in force. In buy to limit the force of the heating system the sizzling water heating system involves a variety of protection products to assure your household is safe and sound.

The to start with and most crucial device on your boiler is the Tension Reduction or Safety Valve. The normal running force of a household boiler system is twelve psi. If for any explanation the force of the boiler raises outside of the safe and sound running force (the setpoint of the Tension Reduction Valve) the valve will open. This more than pressurizing affliction is probably induced by a failing enlargement tank. When a boiler system does not make it possible for for adequate thermal enlargement of the water in the system, the force of the system raises outside of the Tension Reduction Valve setpoint. Leaking of the Tension Reduction Valve thanks to this affliction is generally cyclical as the boiler temperature heats and cools. There are two potential causes for this circumstance.

A common trigger is the chilly force of the boiler water system is larger than the setpoint of the enlargement tank which are normally built with a 12psi setpoint. Even so, when the feed valve to the boiler system is larger than this setpoint the enlargement tank bladder is compressed right before the boiler begins operation. After the boiler is turned on and the water is heated, subsequent thermal enlargement are not able to be accommodated by the by now compressed bladder. Modification to the inner force of the enlargement tank and/or reduction of the force decreasing valve setpoint may be demanded.

A next potential trigger is an actual leak or failure of the enlargement tank bladder. In this situation the enlargement tank no for a longer period gives for thermal enlargement of the water in the system as the whole tank is loaded with water.

Other causes of leaking Tension Reduction Valve can be thanks to the age and deterioration of the valve itself. In that circumstance substitute of the valve is proposed. Get the job done ought to usually be carried out by a experienced plumbing contractor.


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