XJ Jeep Trouble Shooting – Engine Spins But Won’t Start


Failure to get started falls into two types:

The engine will not change around – the starter motor will not operate


The engine turns around but will not fire and operate.

This article will tackle the 2nd trigger. If you engine will not change around, see my other article.

The Jeep Cherokee like other automobiles wants two items to operate: Gas and ignition.

Gas shipping and delivery can be very easily checked with the use of a fuel strain tester connected to the test port on the injector rail. In the celebration of an emergency, you can sacrifice a tire strain gauge to test for suitable fuel strain. The appropriate strain will be around 35 to 40 lbs dependent on the vacuum condition of the engine.

If you suspect a fuel shipping and delivery challenge, first listen for the fuel pump to operate. On most XJ Cherokees the pump will operate a pair of seconds and then stop when the crucial is first switched to the on placement. If the pump does not operate, check out the wiring to the fuel pump. Begin to see if the suitable voltage is existing at the ballast resister situated on the left front fender. You can also eliminate the fuel pump relay and use a jumper wire to energize the fuel pump.

If the fuel pump operates but does not produce the appropriate fuel strain, check out for leaks in the fuel limes. There is a rubber line within the fuel tank that if it breaks will allow the technique to free strain with out any seen leaks. This a person can be a actual head scratchier to find.

If you have the suitable fuel strain and continue to the engine will not fire, check out the ignition source. The Eu depends on two signals to ascertain the spark timing. The Crankshaft placement sensor and the camshaft placement sensor. The Crankshaft placement sensor is situated on the bell housing on the left aspect of the engine. There is a wiring connector on the manifold that from time to time corrodes. Verify for a excellent relationship at this place. Also, check out the wires top to the sensor as I have seen them ruined.

The camshaft sensor is situated within the distributor housing. The most widespread challenge with this sensor is the wiring once more the connector to the wiring harness. Also be aware that there are many floor wires that join to the back of the engine block in the vicinity of the distributor. If these grounds wires are free, the Eu can malfunction. Verify these though examining the camshaft placement sensor wiring.

If the distributor has been eliminated for any motive, verify the indexing of the distributor. If the distributor is even a little off, the personal computer will not allow the engine to fire as a safety precaution. See my other article on distributor indexing.

A different part that can stop the move of electricity to the ignition is the rotor in the distributor. Remove the distributor cap and verify that the contacts of the rotor are earning make contact with with the cap and the tip is not excessively burned.


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